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​Airport Eat: A mobile food ordering app exclusively for airport restaurants

The project is to design and create an efficient and hassle-free interface for travelers to select and order meals from the restaurants in the airport that they are in or going to. Travelers can select the airport they are in, and check out the restaurant they want to order, and order meals from it. Once the order is completed, they can directly go the restaurant and pick up their order without prior waiting process.


Target user research

UI design

Logo & icon illustration

interaction design

Project timeline:

4 weeks

Tool used:

Photoshop, Illustration, XD, Figma

Project team:


Project role:

User research

UI and UX design

User testing


Problem statement: 

  1. Travelers in airports are too busy to catch flights.

  2. Airport dine-in restaurants take forever to serve food.

  3. Most restaurants have long lines to order.

  4. It’s difficult to find a restaurant in the airport that is fast and satisfying without a systematic comparison with other restaurants.

  5. On-site ordering gives burdens on workers at restaurants.

Project objectives: 
1.    Be able to locate the airport you are in or select the one you are going.
2.    It has all restaurant information for selection.
3.    Be able to estimate the time to get your order before choosing a restaurant.
4.    Travelers can order and pay for food from the selected restaurant (dine-in or take-out).
5.    Users can track order processes from the app.
6.    Checking flight status is available for time management convenience. 

Target market: 

Business travelers who constantly travel from airports 

Family Trip_edited.png

Families (multiple people in a group)

International travelers (language need)


Expected Result: 

Travelers can efficiently order and get what to eat in the destinated airport by comparing time efficiency and personal interest between different restaurants in that airport. They can use a familiar language, skip the line, pay with UPI payment instead of local currency, and directly go to the selected restaurant and grab the food that they ordered.
All restaurants from the airport will have a more systematic approach to managing customer order information and payment. It will make sure there’s no mistake from the ordering end. Also it will save labor costs for restaurants by deducting ordering services.


Research Methodology

User requirement and expectation: 
Platform: mobile app
For travelers:
1.    Download the mobile app to use.
2.    Allow location tracking for the app (or else manually choose the airport)
3.    Have a valid online payment (credit/debit card, apple pay, pay pal, etc.)
4.    Allow notification for order tracking and flight reminder


Research goal: 
1.    To identify existing compatible products and their potential risks.
2.    To analyze the need of target users in our project direction.
3.    To examine how target users can utilize the current system. 
4.    To discover the potential and future direction of the current project.




User Persona


Competitive Analysis

comparative analysis.png

User workflow diagram

order detail.png



Mockup Design

Custom Size – 1.png
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