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Building Virtual Worlds

Building Virtual World (BVW) is a class created by Randy Pausch from the Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon University. This semester I have teamed up with different classmates and created a game every two weeks for 5 rounds with new goals and platforms for each round. We used cutting-edge technologies as playing platforms such as Oculus, Hololens, eye tracker, vive tracker, cave, jam-o-drum and many other self-make installation platforms. All 5 games are developed using Unity Engine. At the end of the semester, some games will be selected to be in a public festival and many guests will come and play these games.


VR game | Twinkle in the Dark

This is a VR game required using Quest 2 to play. The game tells a story of a brother helping his little sister to fight over the darkness brought by the power outage situation from a storm.

My role: Artist, designer
I did the interaction design, 3D environment modeling, and participated in the story design.


AR game | Funki pop Factory

This is an AR game that required using Hololens 2 to play. The game demonstrates a "funki pop" toy factory where guests can color the "funki pop" models with different kinds of colors using a slingshot device.

My role: Artist, designer
I did the game design, interaction design, 3D character and environment modeling.


Eye tracking game | Peek a Book

This is a eye-tracking game using Tobii Eye Tracker as the input device to play the game. The Game is about the main character, the student, trying to cheat during a quiz, avoiding eye contact with the teacher and trying not to get caught when the teacher is facing the classroom.

My Role: Artist
I did the 2D environment art illustration, game cover and UI design.


Storytelling game | Soul Truth

This is a multiplayer storytelling game that requires 2 players using Quest 2 to connect and play the game. The story tells that 2 brothers fighting for the family land. They gradually discover the importance of the family heritage and then reconcile with each other.

My Role: Producer, Artist
I manage the team development progress, co-designed the story and interaction, did the 3D character modeling and animation.


Vive tracking game | Hatbusters

This requires vive trackers and 3dRudders to play with. Two players compete as two ghosts that collect hats in a colorful world. The hats stack up on the ghosts’ heads and can be used as a weapon to knock the hats off of the other guest’s heads. The player who has more hats at the end of a 60-second countdown wins.

My Role: Artist, Designer
I participated in game interaction design, did the UI art design, 3D environment modeling.

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