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FableVision - Educational Game Design

K-2 games, Gasha Go! World; Minnesota State Fair; 

  • Design gameplay mechanics, workflow and levels.

  • User interface design and UX prototype.

  • Location-based game experience design.

  • 2D illustration and documentation.

Level design, game art

Negative Space

  • A 2D puzzle platformer game for single players.

  • Duality game concept with spacial movement puzzle.

  • Developed in Game Maker Studio 2.

  • I did level design and 2D pixel art.

AR Game Design, 3D Art

Funki-pop Factory 

  • An AR game experience for Hololens.

  • Developed in Unity.

  • 3D model of Maya.

  • I did game design, 3D art and implementation.

2D UI Art, Environment and Character

Home Charge

  • A 2D tabletop simulation game.

  • Developed in Unity.

  • Nominated in 2020 indiePlay Best Game Jam Games.

  • I did 2D concept art and UI art.

Game UI Art, UI/UX Design, Technical UI Implementation (Unity)

Halloween Theme Mobile Game

  • A halloween theme section for a mobile shooting game. 

  • UI art.

  • UI/UX design.

  • Unity UI implementation.

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Game UX design, UI implementation

Mobile platform game.

  • This is a modular character system design that can be applied to most mobile games.

  • UI/UX design.

  • UI implementation in Unity.

  • Documentation.

Game Design, 3D Art


  • A game designed with HTC VIVE & 3d Rudder input.

  • Developed in Unity.

  • 3D model using Maya.

  • I did gameplay design 3D art & implementation, UI art.

VR Game Design, 3D Art

Twinkle in the Dark

  • A VR game experience for Oculus Quest 2.

  • Developed in Unity.

  • 3D model of Maya.

  • I did game UX design, 3D art and implementation.

Get to Know Me More

I also create 2D animations, 3D art, random UI pieces, posters and character designs. To view more about my art, click here:  

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