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Game UI/UX designer

My name is Xinyi Guo, I'm a game UI/UX designer with an interdisciplinary background in game design, 2D&3D art and Unity & Unreal implementation. I'm dedicated to creating visually pleasing and innovative experiences to facilitate great game content and ultimately make it accessible to all audiences.


Below are some of my game work samples that show the process of my work of art, design thinking, various interaction implementations and teamwork skills.

Game UI Art, UI/UX Design, Technical UI Implementation (Unity)

Halloween Theme Mobile Game

  • A halloween theme section for a mobile shooting game. 

  • UI art.

  • UI/UX design.

  • Unity UI implementation.

Screen Recording 2023-11-20 at 3.29.19 PM.gif
Frame 10.png

Game UX design, UI implementation

Mobile platform game.

  • This is a modular character system design that can be applied to most mobile games.

  • UI/UX design.

  • UI implementation in Unity.

  • Documentation.

Pixel Art Platformer Game

Negative Space

  • A 2D puzzle platformer game for single players.

  • Duality game concept with spacial movement puzzle.

  • Developed in Game Maker Studio 2.

  • I did game UI, level design, and 2D pixel art.

2D UI Art, Environment and Character

Home Charge

  • A 2D tabletop simulation game.

  • Developed in Unity.

  • Nominated in 2020 indiePlay Best Game Jam Games.

  • I did 2D concept art and UI art.

3D Art, UI Art, Interaction Design


  • A game designed with HTC VIVE & 3d Rudder input.

  • Developed in Unity.

  • 3D model using Maya.

  • I did 3D art & implementation, UI art.

AR Game Design, 3D Art

Funki-pop Factory 

  • An AR game experience for Hololens.

  • Developed in Unity.

  • 3D model of Maya.

  • I did game UX design, 3D art and implementation.

VR Game Design, 3D Art

Twinkle in the Dark

  • A VR game experience for Oculus Quest 2.

  • Developed in Unity.

  • 3D model of Maya.

  • I did game UX design, 3D art and implementation.
Frame 8.png

SwipeVideo | Product Design

Rapid prototyping for the new tech product.

  • Explore use cases.

  • User research.

  • UI & UX design and prototype.

  • User testing.

Get to Know Me More

I also create 2D animations, 3D art, random UI pieces, posters and character designs. To view more about my art, click here:  

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