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Course Registration System

I spent a month designing and prototyping a course registration system for mobile platforms. This system reorganized the original CMU registration system and combined the searching site and registration site together into an integrated system. 

This is a school case study to evaluate, propose, and prototype ideas for a digital system/product.

The project is a UI/UX design challenge, and is done solely. 

Project Goal:

  • Design an integrated course registration system for CMU.

  • The system includes course searching, calendar planning, and student academic information for course registration purposes (registered, waitlisted, dropped).

  • This system is designed for mobile platforms.

Problem Definition:

  • Currently, course searching and course registration are divided into 2 websites, students are not able to look up courses while planning courses and manage registrations in an integrated system.

  • There are too many excessive pages and entrances for course registration and calendars for users to manage and look at.

  • The information for registration purposes is not divided properly.


Course schedule / registration info


Course search

Design Feature:

  • Highly integrate course searching, semester calendars, course planning, and academic information together into one system.

  • Optimize user experience in the course planning process, registration process, and searching process.

  • Reduce excessive information and pages in the original websites, and reorganize information segments.

Original System workflow:


New System workflow:

course registration doc.png



UI Design:

The entire design is following the CMU brand guidelines.



  • It was challenging to redivide information segments and choose what to display in this new system, especially since there aren’t many competitive products in the market.

  • For further development, I will focus on adding features that the CMU registration website doesn’t have, like adding course registration probabilities for each course.

  • I will also consider developing a website demo for this system as well because many students still prefer using the website to complete the registration process.

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