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Game Design, UX/UI Design, Graphic Design

Internship at FableVision Studio

As a UX/UI designer at FableVision Studio, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects aimed at providing educational services for children. During my four-month internship, I collaborated with a talented team of designers, developers, and producers to create engaging and intuitive digital experiences that supported learning and creativity.


Through this experience, I gained valuable skills in user research, prototyping, user testing, and design iteration, and developed a deep appreciation for the power of design in education. In this portfolio, I will share my process, challenges, and outcomes for one of the main projects I worked on during my time at FableVision Studio, and reflect on what I learned and achieved during this exciting and rewarding internship.

Project 1: Concord Cosortium | Isles of Ilkmaar

This is a multiplayer open-end simulation RPG game that is centered on the idea of teaching middle-school students about data visualization and implementation. Partnering with Concord Consortium, an educational nonprofit organization that focuses on developing and promoting innovative technology-based educational resources and curricula, to create in-game data and graphic information.

My responsibilities:

  • Define modular game activity systems.

  • Design mini game components.

  • Document game workflow,  wireframes and functional specifications.

Modular Activity Workflow


Mini Game Design Snippet


Wireframes and Functional Specifications


Project 2: PBS | Gasha Go! World

Gasha Go! World is a collective theme concept designed specifically for preschool children. There are various sets of mini games in this theme that can be played on the web browser on the Gasha Go website and on Phone/Tablet through the Gasha Go App. I designed one of the mini games called Fixer Upper.

Fixer Upper is a puzzle game targeted at preschool children, players need to decorate all rooms in the Gashling Headquarters. There are 4 levels to be completed, and each level is a room. I’ve designed 4 categories for players to edit in each room, including the library&media room, entertainment room, bathroom and kitchen. The players’ goal is to use feedback and requests from the Gashlings (theme character) to design a room that’s accessible and fun for everyone.

My responsibilities:

  • Design Fix Upper game workflow.

  • Research and define accessibility components in gameplay.

  • Document game workflow,  wireframes and functional specifications.

Design Process



I did research on all possible accessible facilities that can fit into the game environment.


UX Design and Wireframes


Here is the anticipated player process in this game:

Every editable items in each level are specified:

Project 3: Series of Location-based games & art

I also designed several location-based game experiences while I was at FableVision. 

My responsibilities:

  • Experience design for Powerwash Simulator: a location-based game that will be deployed at the 2023 Minnesota State Fair.

  • Game design for several educational puzzle games that help children learn chemistry.

  • Art material design for the museum, Foundation Beyeler in Switzerland, conduct experience playtest.

1. Minnesota State Fair --- Powerwash Simulator: 

"Powerwash Simulator" is an educational simulation game designed to teach players about preventing the spread of invasive species through proper cleaning techniques. The game is set up at the MN State Fair and can be played solo or collaboratively with friends. Players use real-life props such as powerwash, brushes, and hoses to clean boats, ATVs, trailers and other equipment to prevent the spread of invasive species.


  • The goal of the game is to remove as many invasive species as possible. The game also provides educational content about invasive species in Minnesota lakes and trails and how these issues relate to their own personal recreation.

  • The aim is to make learning fun and accessible for visitors at the MN State Fair while promoting important lessons about invasive species and responsible outdoor recreation.

●    Physical buttons: tap to start, and input how many players are participating in this round.
●    Interactive controller: 

  1. Power wash wand: target the screen to use power wash. 

  2. Brush: target the screen to use the brush.

  3. Hose: target the screen to use the hose.

Physical controllers:


Game workflow:

Digital elements on the game screen:


Digital screen wireframes:

2. Puzzle game design:

I also designed a few board games and puzzle games that focused on wordplay. The overall goal is to teach children about chemistry and the periodic table of elements.

Board game: The goal is to teach children what is money.


Maze​ design: this spells out the letter "R".

Vera HR Worksheet SULFUR_edited.jpg

Puzzle game: Spell out the chemistry element in each wheel, find the extra letter in it, then put all extra letters in each wheel in order, and spell out a new element in the periodic table.


2. Art material design:

I designed the poster and task card for the event of "Lucky 13" for the playtest event at the museum Foundation Beyeler in Switzerland. The theme requirement is antique, abstract, 60s style, and minimum color.


poster v3.png

Task card:

postcard 12.png
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