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SV Cam Redesign

SwipeVideo is a Japanese video technology that allows users to interact with its video content by swiping left and right. There are 2 main ways of utilizing this technology with video content.


  1. Filming an object with multiple cameras evenly distributed in 360 degrees, and users can swipe to see the object in 360 angles.

  2. Filming multiple items at the same time and put together into a SwipeVideo, so that users can swipe left and right to see different aspects in the same scenario.

In this project, I worked solely as a product designer to think from a user and team perspective and redesigned the entire user workflow and UI elements for this app.


What is the current problem:

  1. SwipeVideo may expand its business to general users, meaning that anyone can make SwipeVideos using SV Cam.

  2. Currently the SV Cam app is only used by SwipeVideo clients for live streaming and capture. The SV Cam app may need some adjustments for general use.

To summarize further, my design goals are:

  1. To let the SwipeVideo technology face a general audience outside the SwipeVideo organization.

  2. To make general consumers comfortable making their own SwipeVideos using SV Cam.

  3. To make the SV Cam app more user-friendly.

Proposed Demographic:

​Our target users should be the general public, especially a team of users who cooperate together to shoot SwipeVideos, because our goal is to introduce this app to the general audience, and making this app more understandable to them makes it easier to compose a SwipeVideo themselves

  1. A team or a group of people working on a single video / live-streaming project.

  2. Businesses other than SwipeVideo trying the technology for their event archived / live stream. (Probobly extra cost per phone)

  3. People who love short videos wants to explore new and interactive video creations.

Here is the User persona:

sv cam portfolio (9).png

For consumers:

For businesses:


To further understand, here are things I need to do in my design:

  1. Re-design the SV Cam “magic word” and “setting” features.

  2. Add a feature that camera people are able to mark a few labels on the screen to locate the object they are filming.

  3. Add a place to enter how many cameras are in total in this project.

  4. Add a camera list where users can view the status of every camera, and which camera is mine.

Design Features:

Then I made a workflow that shows how the system looks like:


Wireframe: Try the Figma Prototype here:


Lesson Learned:

Further development:
It still needs further playtesting to see whether it will be unorganized if everyone on a team can edit labels. Currently, the team will need to rely on communications to decide who and where to pin the labels.
The labeling feature may incorporate depth camera technology in order to pin in 3D space.

According to the clients’, instructors’ and team members’ feedback, the features added and UX improvement are constructive for SwipeVideo to broaden the user demographic.
If SwipeVideo is trying to expand the demographic, using SV Cam to shoot videos synchronously could be commonly used in the future. It is essential to let users understand easily what the app does and how to use it.

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