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Big-screen UI Design and data visulization design

During my time as a UI designer at Beijing Guodiantong Network Technology Co.Ltd, I have designed several big-screen UI for data visualization and geographic area data management. These big screens will be applied to the front lobby of the corporation and other branch offices. 

Data visualization includes interactive country/province/ city maps, column charts, line charts, pie charts, heat maps, data highlights, interactive tables, etc.

Nation-wide Data Visualization platform UI:

The main map is interactive, can select provinces to change data around.
The platform includes 11 datasets. project summary, progress report (data highlights), safety analysis (bar and line chart), employee counting(data highlights), quality report (pie and bar charts), techniques, finance report, team analysis, real-time site visualization (on-site camera view), and other project summaries (list).


Province-wide Data Visualization platform UI:

Inner Mongolia

Left side:
Quantitative risk analysis in different aspects.
(data highlights, pie charts, bar charts)


Middle side:
geographic visualization, project summary.
(clickable Inner Mongolia map, data highlights, heat map)


Right side:
Work data, employee number and violation summary, 
(bar charts and table)




Left side:
Risk analysis and management, weather summary.
(data highlights, bar and line charts)


Middle side:
Interactive map of Henan province.
(messages display, date selection)


Right side:
facility analysis, risk report comparisons.
(bar and pie charts, table)


Website UI Design

Main page data visualization


Day version vs Night version


Specific category data visualization (interactive)


Search page (business style)

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